The Power of the #

I participated in the #blogchat live conversation on Twitter. The conversation took place Sunday night February 3rd. This chat has been going on weekly since March 2009. One may had a question about blogging and used the hashtag #blogchat hoping people would respond with answers to his question using the same hashtag. It now has a different blogging topic each week that people all over the world can participate in. The #blogchat was started by Mack Collier who is a social media strategist, speakers, and trainer.

All of these years on twitter and I have yet to participate in a live chat… this experience was obviously great. It was fun to tweet live with people from all over. The topic of #blogchat this week was “Sharing Your Expertise without Being the Expert”.


Below are my tweets from participating in this live twitter chat #blogchat







Below were a few of my favorite tweets from the live chat




Some of these expert bloggers had great tips and pointers. It was interesting to be blogging with some professionals who blog for a living. It was a hands on experience that was helpful for blogging. I would recommend this live tweet chat to anyone interest in blogging! Participate with #blogchat every Sunday Night at 9 p.m. ET.


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