What’s Apple’s Next Legacy?


Apple has been one of the world’s leading products for a good margin of time now. The innovation and creativity that Apple has displayed over the years has lead to the success of the brand and products. The blog post I read was, “Apple Still Lives in the Shadow of Steve Jobs and That’s a Problem for its Future” on the Brian Solis Blog. Brian Solis explains that for Apple, Steve Jobs was:

  • Visionary
  • Showman
  • Public leader
  • Voice for change

These qualities are hard to replace with just one person… the downfall is that because there might not be someone like Jobs, Apple may suffer in the near future. You can chose to look at Apple in the moment which would show the success and money they are currently making. That is great for the now but what does the future of apple hold? That is the question that some people forget about because they are caught up in the now of Apple and and current success. Once the four year plan is up, apple will be searching for their next legacy. Does the next legacy come in the form of creator, an out of the box thinker? Who or what holds the legacy of Apple for the future? The next few products Apple is set to release are all from the work of Jobs. Once all of those products have been released Apple does not know what their future may hold. They need to figure out their next legacy if Apple wants to continue as the world’s leading products. If they do not step up to the plate, there are many other companies waiting to take over that title. Brian Solis has some great insight on finding the next Steve Jobs, someone who needs to go beyond what Jobs has left Apple with and create innovated products. Someone who drives other people to think differently and captivate imagination.

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JRL Web Adventure

Number one is a picture of senior Vito Amato showing off his school pride with a painted face at a SHU sporting event.


Number two is a picture of Munchies which is situated on Irvington Avenue. It serves Jamaican food that is out of this world! SHU students – they deliver to campus too!


Number three is a picture of a University U-life professor who believes social media is essential in today’s day and age.


Number four is a picture of Junior Torian Beyah and he informed us that he gets most of his news from twitters. He is constantly checking twitter to find the latest stories usually pertaining to sports.


Number five is a picture of the Windows eight that the SHU computers have which help all students to achieve their academic excellence! Each student with a laptop has Windows 8 installed and the laptop is the students to keep after their junior year.


Number six was to find a scenic spot at SHU or around South Orange. The top of the parking deck has some great views of Seton Hall and we chose to capture the new gym with the library. The buildings have opposite architecture styles so they look neat together in the picture.


Number seven on our scavenger hunt was to post a little-known fact. At first we thought this would be difficult but then I remember hearing freshman year about WSOU winning awards. We then decided to post a picture of WSOU’s front door and informed everyone that they have one best college station from CMJ multiple times and Playboy in 2010! Both places are commonly seen by many students and faculty every day but not appreciated and the view from the parking deck makes you appreciate the buildings more.


Number eight is a picture of Kim Schindler who is an avid SHU basketball fan. She said how she hopes to see the women’s basketball team make it to the tournament and we all hope that happens! She is a true pirate fan in and out.


Number nine is a picture of the multi-cultural organizations that SHU has to offer. Besides for these organizations, there are more greek organizations as well as many more clubs active on campus.


Number ten on the scavenger hunt we chose to shoot of the train station in South Orange. We thought it would be a fun and interesting place because not many schools are train ride away from New York City. The transportation that the train offers is amazing and helps people get around all over out East.



One response during the scavenger hunt was to a student who attends Ithaca College. She posted about the the Pub as the best eatery on her campus. The place looks great in picture and struck curiosity in what types of food they serve. The student responded with saying the Pub serves bakery goods, sandwiches, and wraps. Seems similar to the Pirates Cove. Another student attends Texas State and got a great shot of all the clubs on the quad. This student is involved in multiple organizations. Another student tweeted a picture of a pizza from a place called Gumbys on her campus. The pizza looked absolutely delicious and we told her it looks like the best around. Below are a few of the response via the Twitter scavenger hunt.


These are some of the interesting posts from students participating in the scavenger hunt from a variety of different schools!




The Twitter scavenger hunt was a great way to interact with different students from around the country. It was a great way to see see some fun pictures of different universities, otherwise I would have never had the opportunity to see and learn about. It was definitely a challenge to get your point across with two hash tags and a picture and still have characters available to write a quote or blurb about the picture. One picture from the parking deck received many responses and everyday seemed to be another person to respond two. It was fun to see how the picture traveled and the different reactions people had to the interesting sights around SHU and South Orange. The scavenger hunt is definitely beneficial and fun for students to use social media differently than their everyday use.